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Flaminal® Hydro/Forte


Our solution for acute and chronic wounds

Flaminal® can be used for acute and chronic wound types, or wounds at risk of infection: Flaminal® Hydro for slightly to moderately exuding wounds and Flaminal® Forte for wounds with moderate to high amounts of wound exudate.

What is Flaminal®?

Debriding Gel

dissolves necrotic tissue and fibrinous slough and absorbs them from the wound bed

Absorbent alginate

absorbs excess exudate, enables autolytic debridement (cleaning of wound and absorption of bacteria)

Antimicrobial enzyme system

offers antimicrobial protection and reduces bacteria released from a biofilm

How it works

Comprehensive care for exuding wounds

Flaminal® supports the natural healing of acute and chronic wounds. With its unique formulation, Flaminal® offers versatile wound management, provides continuous debridement, keeps the wound moist and offers antimicrobial protection to speed up healing process. 

Benefits of Flaminal® 

  • Why use Flaminal®?

    • Versatile: suitable for various wound types.
    • Safe: Flaminal® is non-toxic to healthy skin cells and wound tissue.
    • Effective: addresses all aspects of TIMES wound assessment.
    • Antimicrobial Protection: a unique mode of action.
    • Can be used in all age groups
    • Easy to Apply: suitable for any wound shape and size. 
    • Sustainable: no primary dressing to dispose of and no need for multiple products.
  • What makes the difference?

    • Flaminal® combines an absorbent alginate with an antimicrobial enzyme system. 1,3
    • The antimicrobial action of Flaminal® only takes place in the gel matrix, not on the wound bed. The enzyme system “kills” the bacteria that are absorbed in the gel matrix. 1
    • Flaminal® ensures optimal wound conditions and supports wound healing right from the start. 2

How to apply

Step 1

Clean the wound following local protocols.

Choose which Flaminal® to start with according to exudate levels. 

Use Flaminal® Hydro on slightly to moderately exuding wounds, Flaminal® Forte on moderately to highly exuding wounds.

Step 2

Apply Flaminal® covering the entire wound bed with a sufficiently thick layer (e.g. 4-5mm). 

Step 3

Cover Flaminal® with the appropriate secondary dressing according to exudate levels.

Check the dressing daily.
The dressing with Flaminal® can remain in place as long as the gel structure is intact (1 to 4 days, depending on the amount of exudate).

Discover our products

Flaminal® 2 formulations and different sizes

Flaminal® is available in 2 formulations Flaminal® Hydro and Flaminal® Forte and in different sizes to adjust to patient needs.

Flaminal® Hydro

Lower Aginate Content
For slightly to moderately exuding wounds

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Flaminal® Forte

Higher Alginate Content
For moderately to highly exuding wounds.

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