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    Creating effective medical solutions addressing patient needs


By continuously investing our efforts in research and expanding our knowledge in the biotechnology field, an international and market-leading medical device company grew. Innovation created by Flen Health represents our original mission and our passion to create effective medical solutions addressing real patient needs.
"An entrepreneurial attitude to link invention to innovation, a clear vision, consistent values and the strong drive towards continuous improvement ensure that we have everything we require to reach our goals & ambition."

What innovation means to us

Our focus on research

Since our foundation, Flen Health has always been committed to having a strong focus on research. We have an in-house dedicated multi-disciplinary team of experts whose daily objective is to transform their passion into effective and innovative wound and skin healing solutions and we are continually developing our research infrastructure to enable them to do so.

Expertise and vision for the future

The success we have had in obtaining funding, as well as our ability to construct strong, sustainable partnerships and agreements with academic as well as non-academic partners both inside and outside of Europe, demonstrates that we are respected for our expertise and vision for the future.

Our company’s future success will depend on our ability to develop and diversify our medical device and pharma portfolio through further discoveries to maintain our market-leading positions.